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Anthropology & Mythology

Anthropology & Mythology

Anthropology and mythology are a fundamental part of these studies. Through anthropology we study the great cultures of the past, civilisations that have disappeared but not died because their teachings, heritage, pantheons and knowledge still remain and are valuable for those eager to study them and by doing so understanding their own origins.


Studying and discovering the true origins of our race from the first distant Polar, Hyperborean and Lemur races at the dawn of the origin of our planet until coming closer to the lost Atlantian civilization, from which some remains are still preserved…And what can we say about the present Aryan Race? What was its origin?

Great and enigmatic cultures like the Vedic in ancient Pearland, [present] India, rescuing their teaching from the sacred texts kept in Sanskrit like the Vedas and Puranas, old epics like the Ramayana or poems like the Mahabharata, Bhagavad Gita, etc., glorious epochs where the Gods coexisted with men and taught them… A place where, until now, the temples and ancient engravings show the knowledge that goes beyond time and space… teachings of the great gods Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva and their consorts Parvati Shakti, the gods with one thousand names, the god Ganesh …. Divinities that are still venerated nowadays…

Entering the hermetic and arcane Egyptian Culture… with its divinities, Osiris Ra, Lord of Eternity, Isis his beloved wife… Horus, Thot the Messenger, the god Anubis with the jackal head, the Egyptian Ennead with its mysteries linked to the cosmos. Great pharaohs and queens like Chephren, Thutmose I, the builder of the Valley of the Kings, Seti I and queen Tuya, Ramses II who left us a great legacy and great temples like Abu Simbel, dedicated to his wife and queen Nefertari.
Studying its magnificent and gigantic pyramids that are also found in other cultures distant in space with a perfect geometry and mathematics enclosed, still unexplainable for researchers. But not only that… what can be said of the extraordinary temples, the mommies preserved in a perfect state, the great medical knowledge about life and death still preserved in papyrus, hieroglyphic writings, engravings… many of them still indecipherable…

Also another wise peoples, great astronomers like the Aztecs, the Mayans, “the Lords of Time” who left profound knowledge captured in stelas, stone engravings and their famous calendars with stellar calculations and predictions that have prevailed until now… their perfect cities and astronomic observatories… and also the legacy of another peoples of ancient Mexico such as the Olmec, Toltec, Zapotec… It is admirable the wisdom of Greek and Roman gods and goddess, such as Zeus-Jupiter, Hermes-Mercury, Athena-Minerva, Mars-Ares, Venus-Aphrodite, Apollo, Vulcan… who guided and protected men, teaching and educating them so that they could accomplish great feats. Heroes like Perseus, Hercules… who fought against themselves and left us, in their adventures and mythical stories, a profound teaching that is very relevant for the man with yearnings for knowing himself…

Equally entering the ancient Celtic culture that has survived along the centuries, the Druidic wisdom where great men linked to the living forces of nature acquired their power, knowledge, magic, etc., with their mythical characters and gods who descended from the Thuatha De Danann, faerie beings with a strong tradition in the Northern countries of Europe. And the heritage left by great figures of the Arthurian age, King Arthur and Queen Guinevere along with the Knights of the Round Table, like Parsifal, Galahad, Bors… men who with a pure heart go in search of the Holy Grail, closer in time with their teachings based on a terrestrial celestial Fraternity, misunderstood by history…
We can say that the cultures of the past have not died, but many of them are still alive, they are valid for the man of today, and their study gives us many keys to help us understand our present, as well as solving many of the problems we face in the present society where we live… we only need to discover and experience them and to rescue their teachings and make them ours.

We all have inherited those cultures that preceded us, and although many times we only know a part of that legacy, either through the folklore, the language, traditions, legends, myths… we have lost the roots and the sense of all of it.

For that reason we invite you to find the link that unites and guides us towards our true origins, like Ariadne’s thread guiding us through the labyrinth of life… and in this way by knowing our own origins we will be able to find and give answers to the existential questions that the human being has always raised throughout his life: who am I? Where do I come from? Where am I going? What is the meaning of life?