Psychology of Self Knowledge

Psychology of Self Knowledge

The rhythm of modern life, the incessant changes, the fight for survival, the daily competitivity, the incredible human concentration in big cities and all the factors of today’s society are provoking all types of tension, stress, psychological states and reactions in our psyche, which create within us the necessity to study and reflect about ourselves. The words psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, self-analysis, psychopathology, personal development, psychosomatic dynamic, anti-stress relaxation, etc. are very common nowadays.

The Psychology of Self-Knowledge leads us to the development of ourselves as integral individuals in whatever level we find ourselves. When we apply it to our life, we come to discover the authentic internal universe that will guide us to a more mature and fruitful level in the world in which we live.

It is a revolutionary type of psychology, directed to the knowledge of oneself and the radical transformation of the human being. Truly, Self-Knowledge is the fundamental aspect of life. What do we live for? What is the reason of our life? What is the objective of our existence? Could it be that life consists only of birth, growth, reproduction and death? That would be absurd!

In our human condition, with all its complex aspects and relationships, psychology is called upon to give answers. The lack of this wonderful science makes us close in on ourselves, leading to introversion, ineptitude, intellectual and physical laziness, the abandonment of ourselves, insecurities and anti-sociability...

The Psychology of Self-Knowledge, practiced continually, is the solution to personal growth and internal advancement. It is more than necessary to live an adequate psychology, with a profound reflection upon what one thinks, feels and does, to be able to know ourselves and to raise positively our human and spiritual level; a psychology orientated towards the regeneration of our internal condition.

The Psychology of Self-Knowledge, practiced towards oneself, is the natural solution to our traumas, complexes, aversions, phobias and all type of psychological defects that cause us so much damage. It is a psychology that goes to the root of the problem and not towards a mere psychological dependency on other people, drugs or antidepressants, etc. What’s more, we need to know ourselves in order to make sense of our life.

The Psychology of Self-Knowledge is the genuine method that has been applied by the wise men of the East and West since ancient times, it is contained in the Taoist, Socratic, Lamaist philosophies, in certain schools of ancient Egypt, of the Mayans, Aztecs and Incas, of the medieval alchemists… and furthermore, it is more modern than ever.


We can appreciate that we live in three worlds psychologically, those of Forms, Behind and Beneath. In these three regions of our psychic life everything that we are is enclosed. In knowing these three worlds we would have the keys of Self-Knowledge and we would be able to comprehend the true sense of life.


The physical world or the World of Forms, basically represents all that is human and material in man, it is daily life within which our work, studies, commitments, pleasures and duties take place. In this formal world or world of formalities, the personality which all of us have, is expressed, along with its character, habits and customs, also with our identity, human values and the psychological image that we project externally.


The World Behind is the psychic region of our human subconscious and unconscious. In this world we can find a diversity of traumas, phobias and complexes, which are dense vibrations that sensitively reverberate in people and condition their life and relationships. In the Psychology of Self-Knowledge, we search to discover and eliminate every trauma, fear, phobia, anguish, susceptibility, complex, etc.


The psychological World Beneath is the deepest region within every human being. This world has a double characteristic: a dark side and another of Light. The psychological defects are deposited in the dark side and in the side of Light, the main virtues. Within the depths of the microcosm man the most subtle and also the most dense atoms vibrate. Depending on our way of being, thinking and living, we activate one or the other.
The Psychology of Self-Knowledge teaches us that to know and eliminate the psychological defects is a necessity for the liberation and development of our essence or consciousness. The World Beneath is generally unknown by people due to the lack of investigation in experimental psychology and Freudian psychoanalysis.
The Light of the World Beneath is the positive obverse of the psychological coin. It is the luminosity of the darkness, the day of the night, the positive of the negative. It is the place where the values of the consciousness are deposited.

The Consciousness

The consciousness is intangible, invisible, timeless and indefinable. The consciousness is expressed as a collection of values and principles, such as love, nobility, sincerity, comprehension, spirituality, humility and fraternity... All of these values exist within us both residually and potentially and are waiting to become completely developed in accordance with our internal work and growth. Since ancient times it has been known that there are different levels or states of consciousness. The Psychology of Self-Knowledge holds the keys and techniques in order to awaken and develop the consciousness and allow it to express in our life.

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