Sociology & Ethics

Sociology & Ethics

Through the studies of self-knowledge, we gain a deeper understanding of ourselves within society, not only from the individuality of the particular psychology but as a social being in relation to the world that surrounds us.

Nowadays, we live in difficult situations on a social level, constant changes, economic crisis everywhere, the struggle for survival, daily competition, social violence, life in big cities, new technologies of communication, the hectic pace of our lives, etc., that lead us to new and changing situations, which are often extreme, but to which we must adapt and endure without losing the psychological axis that we all, as human beings, need.

All these factors in society usually lead us to become identified with the external world and as a result to lose our identity and become disorientated and if we do not become aware of this and solve it, it leads to an empty, meaningless and routine life, where living to work or survive comes first, and we forget “to live”.

That’s why we need to rescue the authentic knowledge, a teaching based on universal principles, bio-ethical and educational norms, to return to the authentic values that have existed for centuries so that we have a guide, an axis that directs us in the search for the integral development of the human being and helps us to have behave positively leading us to improve our life in relation to others and to ourselves.

If we want to develop and evolve in life, be different and leave behind the obsolete imposed dogmas, the false education but without falling into the coldness of today’s world, trapped by materialism and the robotics of the increasingly absorbing new technologies, we need to develop an axis of conduct, a sure guide that directs us in life, some rules for our coexistence, values to improve human, social, working and family relationships that allow us to grow internally and achieve positive development, personal satisfaction and human evolution within society and without being victims of the enthralling technological society of today.

We need to learn to live in society in a practical but intelligent way, developing the potential that the human being has on a professional, intellectual, scientific level… but under the guidance of internal values and good social behaviour without forgetting the emotional aspects that are so important for the integral human development.

Throughout history many people, thinkers, great men… achieved this, they showed us the way forward, they taught us through the example of their lives that this can be achieved through personal self-improvement, effort and will…

Studies such as Emotional Intelligence and the importance of the language we use in our relationships with others are the foundation of the understanding and respect among people. Learning to cultivate the art of empathy, the importance of positivism, good spirit and motivation, assertiveness or knowing how to put ourselves in the place of others, the keys of magnetism, charisma and friendliness to improve relationships, understanding, etc.

Sociology also helps us to identify and know the source of all the psycho-social imbalances that have led us to live an empty and dissatisfied life, full of upsetting experiences, errors and envy… where the only thing that matters is competition, winning, social climbing, getting ahead of others at any price, feeling that we are better, more important and unique… But we are full of bitterness, resentment, emptiness and loneliness…

Understanding that we live immersed in this conditioning as a great system that programmes us to be like this, that confuses us and conditions us from the moment we are born, having been designed to keep us unconscious, limited and subjected to our own fears, educated to keep our own limitations where we are codified unable to see our own reality. A system based on fear, competition and the desire to possess, on attachment to things, to have more… and therefore to fear their loss.

We need to understand that the key is within us, in the human being’s own awakening as well as in the joining together to fight to free ourselves of so many internal and external attachments, and with will seek and overcome our limits to escape from the conditioning that dominates us, and to be able to achieve the freedom and happiness so sought after by all human beings. All these principles are incipient and full of potential in our interior waiting to be fully developed depending on our work and personal effort.